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Shelter/Office Combo Kit

Quick Overview: 
Create workshop, office and lockable storage space with a brand new custom built container + container office and a shelter station container shelter.


Product Description

Utilising Shelter Station's engineered container shelter range and custom built Container offices, create work/play space at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional structures. No extensive design fees, cost blow outs and drawn out timelines. We have partnered with Containaccom to provide both Offices and Shelters at a fraction of individual costs. 



Any shelter of your choice - All using 610gsm PVC ripstop fabric and heavy duty galvanised steel tubing.


Structure: Custom built by Containaccom with 5 year warranty on structure and joinery, 20' and 40' high cube site offices with 2400mm wide double glazed sliding doors. Any colour as specified by client, and your company logo on both containtainers free of charge.

Internal: Commercial vinyl flooring, 50mm EPS walls. Surface mounted wiring and lighting. 

2nd Container: Brand new Containaccom high cube. Colour and logo free of charge.