All Shelter Station products are capable of withstanding significant weather and wind, but it all comes back to how well you have anchored your shelter down.

Our shelters come inclusive of earth augers and stakes for securing down on to earth surfaces.  Alternatively, if assembling onto concrete pads, dyna bolts or concrete screw bolts can be used.

The fabric we use on all our shelters is a very strong rip-stop PVC. 410gsm on our smaller or domestic models and 610gsm on our larger models and the entire container shelter range.  This fabric is UV stabilised and waterproof.  Ensuring the cover remains well tensioned onto the frame of your portable shelter at all times will ensure a longer life and not create stress on your shelter frame in windy conditions.  Loose covers must be retensioned immediately.

Shelter Staton stock many spare parts and replacements for purchase. We also stock replacement covers and alternative covers for several units – being Hothouse covers or Shadehouse covers for several of our smaller, domestic shelters.  Please enquire direct.

Yes you can.  We have a showroom in New Zealand and also in Perth, Western, Australia.  There is also a distribution warehouse and head office in Queensland.

Auckland, New Zealand – 26E William Pickering Drive, Albany, Auckland 0632.  Our showroom is open to the public 9am to 5pm weekdays, and by appointment during the weekends.  Phone:  0800RAINING.

Perth, Western Australia – Camden Street, Belmont, 6104, WA – open 9am – 5pm weekdays, and other times by arrangement.  Phone:  1800 199 060

All models are available in our heavy duty, UV stabilised PVC covers.

The Backyarder is only available in translucent hothouse fabric and also black shade cloth.

Le Grande Garage, The Le Petit, The Ute and the Two Car Garage  are also available in the translucent hothouse fabric option or black shade cloth – please enquire as to availability and price.

Not difficult at all.  Shelter Station provide excellent, simple and clear written and diagramatic assembly instructions with each model. 

We are also very happy to talk through any uncertainties that you may have, simply call us on our free phone numbers – 

  • AUSTRALIA – 1800 199 060,
  • NEW ZEALAND – 0800 724646
  • INTERNATIONAL CALLERS – 0061 55646540

or email us at sales@shelterstation.com.

In New Zealand – purchase or collect your shelter directly from Shelter Station – 26E William Pickering Drive, Albany, Auckland.  Call tollfree within New Zealand, 0800RAINING (0800 724646).

In Australia – simply call toll free – 1800 199 060 and you will be connected direct with your local distributor.  Email any enquiries to sales@shelterstation.com.

We accept phone and email orders.  Payment options include Visa or Mastercard, Cheque or Direct Credit. 

Freight charges may be applicable, please feel free to enquire as to current freight rates, we are able to ship or freight our shelters almost anywhere.  Please feel free to enquire.

Upon assembly, ensure that the cover of your shelter is well tensioned and reqularly check that this tension is maintained at all times. Good tension means you should find it difficult to squeeze your hand between frame and cover. 

Ensure that the choke ropes at the front and back remain tied off, and tight.  Make sure that the ratchet straps remain well tensioned and in place.  Do not remove any ratchet straps without replacing them,  or untie any choke ropes or wires  without ensuring they are resecured after.   Check periodically and replace where necessary.

A well tensioned cover will mean that it will not rub or wear on the frame of the shelter.  A loose and flapping cover will pull and place pressure on your frame, as well as creating points of wear and friction on the cover.

Check that your shelter continues to remain firmly fixed down to the surface you have assembled it on.  Ensure augers and stakes are always secure to prevent movement.  Make sure that your frame remains bolted firmly and cannot move. 

Bungee’s will require replacement periodically so that they remain elastic and firm fitting.  Replacement bungees are available for purchase. 

Wash your shelter down occassionally with a soft brush and hose.  Do not waterblast or use any harsh or abrasive chemicals to clean.

As you are aware, the damage caused by UV in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific can be very severe, but different locations will be affected to differing degree’s.  Both our PE fabric and PVC fabric are UV stabilised to slow the deterioration process down. 

We are confident that if you continue to care for your shelters and ensure tension is maintained at all times, you will be very happy with their performance.  It will be immediately apparent if tension has not been maintained. 

Shelter Station offers a 5 year warranty on covers, please refer to our warranty page for the details on this.

Shelter Station do offer our customers the ability to purchase new, replacement covers if at any stage damage of any type has occured.  This is worth remembering if accidental damage occurs due to other circumstances.  You will most likely find it more cost effective to purchase a new cover rather than having the old one repaired.  

Shelter Station recommend full removal of a damaged cover immediately.  This will avoid any further or undue damaged caused by the loosened cover pulling on your frame.

The frames of all the Shelter Station range are made of galvanised steel tubing, with just a couple of exceptions in our smaller shelter range: The Ute and Backyarder utilise powder coated steel frames, all sitting on galvansised base rails.

The size of the steel varies from one model to another, please refer to the individual products to find out what size steel is used, or dont hesitate to pick up the phone and call us toll free.

The base plates or base rails of the shelters are all hot dip galvanised.

Yes we do. We have an experienced team with years of knowledge who can install your shelter in even the most challenging of sites nationwide. We travel to mine sites, farms, stables, event sites, storage yards, construction sites and everything in between. 

Most of the container shelter range can also be assembled within one day in site ready conditions. Larger model container domes (14m +) may require a day and a half. 

Pricing varies for our dome or shelter assembly service,  but a quick phone call to 1800 199 060 is all it takes to get a formal quote for your pricing needs.